What’s Cookin’?

Elinor Cohen, a.k.a The Social Fairy, potion brewer at Donut's Kitchen

Hello and welcome to my kitchen!

My name is Elinor Cohen, and I LOVE to cook! After posting many recipes and images to Facebook and Instagram, my friends nagged me to set up a food blog of my own. So here we are, at my kitchen!

The love of my life started calling me Donut, because (as he put it) I’m round and sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ Hence, “Donut’s Kitchen”. I’ve been cooking ever since I can remember myself, probably around the age of 3, standing on a chair next to one of my grandmothers or one of my mother’s aunts. They were all great cooks (mostly traditional Romanian food) and I loved to watch and play with the ingredients.

Donuโ€™t Kitchen uses only whole, natural and healthy ingredients.

Donuโ€™t Kitchen uses only whole, natural and healthy ingredients.

In recent years I’ve developed a passion for health food and my mission is to prove that healthy food can and does taste great! It’s all about ingredients and technique. I’m no professional chef so my recipes are either things I made up along the way or things I learned and collected, usually adapted in some way. I cook with my fingers and my heart. I season by hand and I imagine how things would taste together before combining ingredients. It is therefore difficult, at times, to provide accurate recipes – but I’ll try!

In addition to my passion for healthy food and my insisting on whole, natural (organic when possible) ingredients, I’m also battling a few health issues so I cook food that is good for people dealing with: Hypothyriodism, Diabetes, Candida, Joint problems and people who follow diets such as the Paleo or whole30 diets.

I will tag each recipe with the proper tags so you can easily find your way around the kitchen.

Now, would you care for some tea?

To learn more about my professional life as an outsourced community manager, visit my other website: The Social Fairy

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